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Steering committee

Håkan Arheden, MD, PhD, Professor

Anthony Aletras, MSc, PhD, Professor

Marcus Carlsson, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

Henrik Engblom, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

Einar Heiberg, MSc, PhD, Associate Professor

Jonas Jögi, MD, PhD

Erik Hedström, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

Ellen Ostenfeld, MD, PhD

Katarina Steding-Ehrenborg, Physiotherapist, PhD, Associate Professor


Post doctoral fellows

Per Arvidsson, [Publications]
Cardiac pumping revisited: quantitative blood flow analysis in the human heart.
[PhD thesis]

Sebastian Bidhult, [Publications]
Validation of Phase Contrast Flow Quantification and Relaxometry for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
[PhD thesis]

Robert Jablonowski, [Publications]
Assessment of myocardial viability using magnetic resonance imaging
[PhD thesis]

David Nordlund, [Publications]
Myocardium at risk, validation and practical applications
[PhD thesis]

Pia Sjöberg, [Publications]
Hemodynamic assessment in patients with congenital heart disease using magnetic resonance imaging
[PhD thesis]

Johannes Töger, [Publications]
Measurement and analysis of intracardiac blood flow and vortex ring formation
[PhD thesis]

Christos Xanthis, [Publications]
MSc in Engineering and Physical Science in Medicine, PhD

Nicolas Aristokleous

Jane Tufvesson, [Publications]
Automatic segmentation in CMR
[PhD thesis]


PhD students

Mariam-Al-Mashat, [Publications]
Pulmonary blood flow in heart failure - studies of distribution patterns using novel non-invasive diagnostic methods.

Petter Frieberg, [Publications]
Simulation of interventions in univentricular hearts

Tom Gyllenhammar, [Publications]
Cardiac microvascular disease quantified with cardiovascular magnetic resonance.

Fredrik Hedeer, [Publications]
Myocardial perfusion SPECT for the diagnosis of ischemic heart disease - diagnostic performance and prognostic value.

Jonathan Berg, [Publications]
Long axis cardiac function

Felicia Seemann, [Publications]
Connecting CMR and physiology

Daniel Salehi, [Publications]
Fetal and maternal cardiovascular physiology in complicated pregnancy

Jonas Liefke, [Publications]
Intra uterine growth restriction: an excursion in major organ systems impacting cardiovascular function in adolescence

Thomas Lindow, [Publications]
Early detection of acute myocardial ischemia - electrocardiographic aspects

Research Students

Björn Östensson

Jonathan Edlund

Research Technicians

Ann-Helen Arvidsson

Christel Carlander

Lotta Åkesson

Johanna Koul

Reza Farazdaghi



Jelena Bock, MSc Biomedical engineering,  PhD [Publications]

Joey FA Ubachs, MD, PhD [PhD thesis] [Publications]

Peter Cain, MBBS, PhD, Cardiologist, post doc 2002-2004 [Publications]

Martin Ugander MD, PhD 2001-2009 [PhD thesis] [Publications]

David Strauss, PhD 2007-2010 [PhD thesis] [Publications]

Rainer Petzina, MD, PhD [PhD thesis] [Publications]
Vacuum-assisted closure of sternotomy wounds

Erik Bergvall, PhD [PhD thesis] [Publications]

Shruti Agarwal, MSc mathematics, PhD [Publications]

Loriano Galeotti, PhD, Post-Doc part of 2009, [Publications]

Shahnaz Akil, MSc, PhD [PhD thesis] [Publications]
Diagnosis of stress-induced ischemia - a comparison of different methods.

Ulrika Pahlm, MD [PhD thesis] [Publications]
Magnetic resonance imaging techniques for evaluation of left ventricular function

Sascha Kopic, MD, PhD [Publications]

Helen Fransson, MSc, PhD [PhD thesis] [Publications]

Kostas Haris, MSc, PhD [Publications]

Mikael Kanski, MD, PhD [PhD thesis] [Publications]

Sverrir S Stephensen, MD, PhD [PhD thesis] [Publications]
Right ventricular volume load and function in congenital heart defects

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